About The Chef!

Michael Leto

Hi! I am Michael Leto.

It all started back in 2015, when I was tired of working FOR someone. I was craving to have creative say and be my own boss. Pulling the trigger to start my own thing was an exciting but scary thought, but…I did it. January of 2015 rolled around and IĀ  declared my company…Lil’ Leto Catering was born.
In the beginning I started with small events to learn the business of catering. By September I had jumped in with both feet and went full time. Fast forward to year 4 and we are now doing weddings of 150 plus people!

I am also tired of people getting crap catering.

My goal was to start giving people quality food again for a fair price, and eliminating the fear of always getting ripped off by caterers.

That is why at Lil’ Leto Catering we make everything from scratch at a price you can afford.


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